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Activate Architecture

Urban Symbiose is specialized in (re-)designing buildings as urban catalysts.

We design new identities to incentive urban cohesion, socially, sustainable and economically. To obtain the highest possible quality, the most important elements in our design process is “community building” and working within a broad multi-disciplinary team with BIM.

Sustain The Future

At Urban Symbiose we believe the future quality of human life is dependent on both economic strength and a healthy, sustainable natural environment. We do not see these goals as mutually exclusive, but inextricably related. Mankind’s future depends on meeting the needs and ambitions of a growing worldwide population, while enhancing and protecting the ecosystem on which all life depends.

Buildings needn’t be the most energy guzzling sector in the industrialized world, responsible for close to 40% of the energy consumption and a large part of the CO2 emissions in modern society. In fact, the energy used in our buildings for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water can be cut by 75% globally, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). As architects we are committed to meet this goal while balancing our present needs and comfort and enabling future generations to meet theirs.