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Scandal-E Store Interior Amsterdam

Scandal-E Store Interior Amsterdam


Scandal-E Store Interior

Project: Interior Design
Location: Amsterdam [NL]
Year: 2011-2012
Client: Scandal{e} Store

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Scandal{e} is a creative space where the hair salon, its additional exhibition room and concept store form one creative space.
To re-activate the ambivalent spaces to its specific program, an elevated circle is designed that pierces through all spaces and construction. The circle connects these spaces but also adds its own private space/world/dressing-room of which you are the centre. In addition, the circle acts as a rod for curtains or showcase for clothes and products.
Furthermore, the wall in the back of the hair salon is designed as a ‘wall of drawers’, a composition of re-used steel drawers and lockers from the ’30s – ’70s.